Apr 20, 2008

Erika Toda stars in keitai drama based on Monkey Majik song

Source From : TOKYOGRAPH

The latest creation from Fuji TV's "mudra" ("music + drama") project stars actress Erika Toda. Produced in collaboration with FUJIPACIFIC MUSIC, "mudra" are short dramas based on songs that are then distributed online.
Toda's drama is based on the song "Lily," which was released by the band Monkey Majik while they were still on an independent label. Directed by Fuji TV's Michio Mitsuno and written by Yumiko Inoue, the comical story depicts a young woman (Toda) sending a video letter to her ex-boyfriend (Yoshihiko Hosoda).
The drama consists of 3 episodes, each roughly 5-7 minutes in length. The episodes will be sold for 210 yen apiece, available for mobile phones through NTT DoCoMo's iMovie Gate site starting on the 20th, and through Fuji TV's Fuji Melo site starting on March 3.

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