May 28, 2009

Erika Toda photobook gets 100,000 copies in first printing

Publisher Shueisha has revealed that Erika Toda's (20) upcoming photobook "Vivace" will have an unusually large print run for its first edition - 100,000 copies. Lately, it is said that typical photobooks have initial print runs of several thousands, with the most popular actresses and idols topping out at about 50,000.

However, Shueisha is confident that Toda can sell plenty of books, given her popularity among both men and women. Males frequently see her in gravure and idol magazines, while young women view her as a leader among fashion models.

In fact, the photobook emphasizes her connection to fashion, essentially doubling as a catalog for popular brand CECIL McBEE, which was the top-selling brand at Shibuya 109 for six straight years starting in 2000. Toda was photographed in Rome and Tokyo wearing only CECIL McBEE apparel, with a focus on the brand's new spring and summer products. The clothes also include a few that Toda designed herself. Shueisha is even bundling the photobook with a special booklet for placing orders for many of the items.

The photobook goes on sale May 1 and should appeal to the younger generations with a price tag of only 980 yen.

How to Buy Vivace Photobook ? Here!


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